Spina 3 is the most important urban re-development operation underway in Turin, the fourth largest in Italy. Born on the banks of the Dora Riparia, the new buildings and infrastructures are placed in an area once occupied by the historical steel and textile factories.

During my high school years I used to cross the area by bus. At that time the majestic industrial architecture of the old factories was predominant, while the reconstruction plans for Spina 3 were just on papers. Years later, due to the momentum given by the forthcoming Olympic Winter Games of 2006, the construction site opened and, with that, a new aura of positivism surrounded the area and the whole city. 

Despite the premises, Spina 3 has been for long time an undefined territory, suspended among residential buildings up to 22 floors high, malls, fragments of the industrial past and large empty spaces occupied by the still-ongoing construction sites.

My sight on the neighborhood, supplied by the macroscopic changes taking place, tried to define a new identity by exploring the interaction between people and landscape. The inhabitants themselves "humanize" this metropolitan area considered by many an important pole of attraction for the "new economy", and a cold proof of concept for others.

Despite the complex social environment of the neighborhood, my photographs wanted to be the first statement for a dialogue, as an open door on a land where it is easy to get lost and, perhaps even easier, to stop dreaming.
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