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PARCOURS was developed in 2021 in the frame of an artist-in-residence program in Clermont-de-l’Oise (FR) organized by the Diaphane photographic center in collaboration with the Photolux Festival.

PARCOURS explores the relationship between people and places in the digital navigation era. Unlike paper maps, which require constant eye contact with the environment, digital navigation systems are weakening, little by little, our ability to orient ourselves in unfamiliar environments.

Embracing this idea, I explored a city that was unfamiliar to me with different approaches: I started focusing my attention on the relation between the outward landscape and the intimate landscape of its inhabitants linked to their memories. This resulted in a set of portraits where I let the participants choose a place they felt connected to. People’s stories gave me access to a whole imaginary world foreign to me, which transformed completely anonymous or abandoned places into meaningful places to my eyes. Through photography, I was able to encode these environments exploring the intimate relationship between the subject and the surroundings. Inhabitants were thus both subjects and creators of a collective emotional map based on their experiences. Another part of my work was focused on recording with my camera any detail of the landscape that caught my attention. These visual notes are the result of completely random walks and are totally unrelated to each other. For this purpose, I let myself be seduced by disorientation to distill images that could fill the lack of personal imagery about the city.

With time, the combination of the portraits and the images born from my wanderings started to be meaningful. Like a map, these fragments helped me to orient myself inside a new and fantastic version of the city, but also a very personal one and more familiar to me. It became mine.

PARCOURS has been on display at Photaumnales 2022 festival in Clermont-de-l'Oise.